Solving Bengali Font Problem                                                                      বাংলা না দেখা গেলে

For Windows XP or earlier version you have to install a Unicode SutonnyBanglaOMJ font which supports Bengali. Install the font by following the given instructions...
Download the SutonnyBanglaOMJ font.
2. Copy and paste it to your system's "Fonts" directory.
    Start  >  Run  > Open: fonts > OK
or Go to My Computer > c:// > WINDOWS > Font and paste It.

(এ ধরনের বাংলা না দেখা গেলে) এ ফন্ট দেখা না গেলে  SutonnyBanglaOMJ  ফন্ট টি Download করুন।
(এ ধরনের বাংলা না দেখা গেলে) এ ফন্ট দেখা না গেলে  EkusheyPuja             ফন্ট টি Download করুন ।

Bengali for Firefox


1. Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colors > Advanced
2. In Font Box now set the followings...
    Fonts for: Bengali
    Proportional: Serif and
    Size: 16

Serif: SutonnyBanglaOMJ  
    Size: 14

3. Now Click OK and Enjoy... :)


Change Default Bangla Font In Windows

Are you tired of that ugly looking default Vrinda Bangla font in Windows? With Font Fixer, you can set your favorite hinted or good looking font as default Bangla font for Windows. You can also restore the original default font anytime you wish.
Download the Font Fixer.
2. Now Run
Font Fixer.
3. Choose
SutonnyBanglaOMJ as Font Name.
4. Enable Font Smoothing.
5. Now Click Fix It and Restart your System.